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Rapid Nasal Packing

Rapid nasal packing is done to reduce bleeding and support the separation of tissue from structure. It assists in preventing adhesions between mucosal surfaces in addition to facilitating healing. Rapid nasal packing comes in a variety of sizes, fragmentation rates, compression strengths, and haemostatic properties.

Nasal Pore Packing

Nasal pore packing is used to apply pressure to the bleeding vessel and halt the bleeding. It is basically a medical procedure used to stop nosebleeds. Nasal pore packing entails inserting a piece of material resembling a tampon into the nasal cavity.

Nasal Tampon

To facilitate insertion, nasal tampons are compactly packed; nevertheless, when moistened, they expand and soften. These are preferred over packing gauze when available since they are far more comfortable and easier to insert. Nasal tampons are widely used to stop bleeding, but inserting them hurts.

PVA Eye Spears

PVA eye spears are resilient and absorbent, enabling delicate tissue manipulation during LASIK and other corneal procedures. They are designed with both the patient and the doctor in mind. These spears have a polypropylene handle that is flexible and a triangle-shaped spearhead.

Titanium Ligating Clips

Our sterile, single-patient-use titanium ligating clips are constructed from excellent titanium. These V-shaped clips were developed for tubular constructions to be ligated. They are used to ligate organs and blood vessels during both open and laparoscopic surgery.

Polymer Ligating Clips

Polymer ligating clips are positioned all around the structure that needs to be blocked off before being compressed shut with a specialised tool. These are surgical instruments used to seal off the body's blood veins, ducts, and other tubular organs.

Wound VAC Kit

Wound VAC kits consist of a wound dressing, a vacuum pump, and tubing to link the three. These are also known as negative pressure wound therapy kit. The said tools are a medical tool that aid in wound healing.

NPWT Dressing Kit

NPWT dressing kits are consist of a foam dressing, a clear adhesive film, and a tubing setup that connects to a negative pressure pump. These are used for accomplishing the therapy of both acute and chronic wounds.

Neurosurgical Patties

Neurosurgical patties perform a wide range of tasks, including haemostasis, fluid management, tissue manipulation, and tissue protection. These are used by almost all neurosurgery procedures. Neurosurgical patties are utilized for manipulating tissue, controlling haemostasis, managing fluid environments, and protecting tissues.

Ladies Incontinence Tampon

Ladies incontinence tampons are composed of silicone, silicone rubber, or plastic. These are used for preventing leaks when a female exert herself. Ladies incontinence tampons are put into the vagina to support the urethra and hold prolapsed or fallen organs in place.

Ear Tampon

Ear tampons are applied as a component of medical care for ear infections, earwax accumulation, or other ear problems. These are tiny pieces of fabric or cotton that are put into the ear canal to absorb extra moisture or discharge.

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